Insect Trap
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  • Produces CO2 which attracts mosquito by photocatalytic
  • reaction (TiO2 + UV LED).
  • Small and portable for travel.
  • Zero toxic chemical substances.
  • Up to 13 times better performance than traditional mercury bulb in trapping Aedes aegypti.
  • Life span over 20,000 hours.
  • Optimised LED ligth wavelength with wider coverage up to
  • 2,000 meter square.
  •  Low power consumption : 1.5 W (Max).
  • Easy to use and no gases or refills required.
  • Mode of action: Dehydration.
  • Size: 120(∅) mm x 75 (H) mm.
  • Weight: 227g.
  •  Noise: <30dBA (Typical).
  •  Installation: Stand top.
  • KOREA ECO-Friendly product producing UV-C that is NO harm to people & animals and NO mercury used.
  • Experiment proven 13 times more effective to catch Aedes Mosquitoes by Dr Phil Koehler.
  • High tech control UV LED wavelength at 365nm that is favourite by mosquitoes.
  • Optimised LED light wavelength with wider coverage up to 20,000 sqft and life span 20,000 hours.
  • Plug and play. NO gases, mercury bulb or refill required.
  • Capture mosquitoes, insects and flies.
  • Mode of action: Dehydration. Product weight: 359G.
  • Quiet operation of fan (below 28.3dBA Typical) without spark noise.
  • Installation: Hanging Hole / Stand Top.
  • Low power consumption : 4.0W (Max).
  • Total consumption 24hrs a day for 1 month : 2.88kWh x RM0.218 = RM0.628 per month.
  • Size: Diameter 200(∅)mm x Height 232 (H) mm